the bread from Heaven.

Mmm. That sounds delightful doesn’t it? When I read the description of this mysterious phenomenon, I got the image of vast deserts just covered with golden grahams. And not just ordinary golden grahams—but food that is both nutritious and sustaining. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

At first I’m sure that the Hebrew people thought the same thing. I’m sure they felt like children waking up on Christmas day to a fresh layer of snow. Tasty, tasty snow. But then, what happened?

It only took a short time before they got bored with their manna. What once was new and delicious soon became boring and tiresome. They had the “refrigerator full of food but nothing to eat” mentality and begged God to give them something else, even just to taste.

They may have even sat listlessly looking out on the fields of golden grahams starving for food….any food but that food. This is something that happens to many of us still today.

Jesus said that he is the true bread from heaven. How often do we who have believed look upon this bread and think, “I know that Jesus will fill me up and my cravings for food will go away, but I just don’t want to eat that right now. I will eat anything but that.” So we do it. We take our fill of things other than the golden grahams and gorge beyond our physical capacity. But then what happens? We get sick.  We spit out what we so greedily ate up, and we find that we we’re emptier and so much hungrier than we were before.

This is a sad story, but it doesn’t have to end there. Jesus is right beside us to clean the vomit from our faces and feed us the bread of heaven. He has given us the freedom to eat the “52 piece McNugget meal” and he has the grace to clean us up afterward. Then comes the provision of the Lord where we taste and see that he is the only good sustainer. This is the good news about the Lord: that he didn’t give up on us even when we were too far in a mess to see our mess. Instead, He’s offered us bread from Heaven so that we may be fulfilled.

The next time you are listlessly sitting there with your belly growling and manna just laying around waiting to be eaten…eat the manna. It’s there for you. Listen to that sermon, read that bible chapter, spend that time in prayer.

God won’t give you a desire for something to do with Him if it’s not going to be good.

This is my story. This is what God is saying to me.