I’ve been thinking about writing a post for some time and it always comes to a point where I’m about to sit down and do it when something comes up. I had planned recently to write about what I was learning in Jeremiah but as I was heading to the computer lab at my apartment complex I found out they lock it up on Sundays. Who knew?

Now, as I review things that I’ve written down as notes along the way this year to think about opening up to the world, I sit and stare blankly at them wondering not at their significance but at how on earth I can possibly expand them to be of any use to anyone but myself. It reminds me of what one of my pastors said once, “Not everything the Lord tells you is meant for you to go and share with the world. Sometimes his words are for you and you alone.”

Is it possible that I could have gone an entire season of my life without having a single word from God that is intended for anyone but myself?

it is.

I did learn one specific thing from the book of Jeremiah that I feel is worth the sharing. For much of the book we watch as Jeremiah is wrecked with grief because the people of the Lord have chosen to close their ears to Him. The prophets and priests speak deceptive words to the people to appease them. They shout things that are far from what the Lord is saying, fallacies meant to placate the people and reassure them that they are not living against the Lord’s will. Jeremiah speaks out against these false prophets and leaders warning the people to not consume the bread of lies. He weeps bitterly as his words seem to have no effect on the children of the Lord. He weeps bitterly as he sees their fate revealed to him. He cries out for their salvation and yet the people refuse to turn back to the God of Jacob. Later we read that the misleading priests and prophets and teachers of the “word” are the first to be destroyed.

So what did I learn? I learned that it is better to wait and listen for God’s words than to try to spread your own beliefs and predictions for the future. It is better to be silent than to lie by saying something is from the Lord when it is not. Jeremiah taught me that you can hear form the Lord frequently and you can pretend to hear from him just as often. Jeremiah taught me that when you don’t have the words to say, it is best not to say them at all. Rather, it is better to wait and listen than to say what the people are demanding you to say. Once, when challenged to bring a word from the Lord to the people, Jeremiah waited ten DAYS just to hear what Abba had to say. Guess what, it was the exact opposite of what the people were demanding and hoping he would hear from the Lord.

It seems to me that if you don’t have the words to say it may be better to wait until you do.