One thing that I’ve been finding lately is that the more I know, the less I know. If you look around you, you’ll see a lot of things you know about. Now, take a moment and think about what you actually know about all that stuff. I can think of a hundred different examples that would work for this so I’ll stick with a pair of shoes.

Questions about your shoes:

What’s their function? is it style, protection, comfort?

Are they for hunting, biking, walking, running, working?

What are they made of? is it all one material, or many? What are those?

Why is that the shape they were made? was there a specific purpose to it or did the maker just say…”that looks good.”

How many miles are on the shoes already? How many more can they go?

Are there holes in them? What caused those?

There are a lot more questions that could be asked about the shoes, so many that you could not answer them all yourself. Here you were thinking that they were just a pair of shoes too. The same line of questions can be applied to anything in your house, your yard, your city, your planet, you solar system and we could only hope to know just a fraction of a percent of the whole. When we look at the picture of the universe, somehow the size of it all this doesn’t stop us from trying to grasp it with our small minds.

When you start to walk down this path for knowledge, you come up short by yourself. We look up at the universe and realize that it is too big for us to imagine. How then can we hope to imagine the One who is bigger than the universe? How can we comprehend that the very being who is master and creator of it all also wants know us intimately and personally? Even now he hears the cry of your heart and knows the make up of each one of your cells.

What’s amazing is that we can begin to comprehend Him. We recognize his presence. We ache when we are not near to him. Even still, we experience this all the greater when we are together. Just as we can piece together a picture of the universe with our collective minds, so too can we piece together a more complete picture of the Sovereign Lord when we act as a single body, as a church. The Church (christians as a whole) is the method by which we grow as individuals. We advance in the knowledge of Holy when we work together in cooperation as a corporation.

I was curious today about the words cooperation and corporation. They are subtly different in spelling and a their application is a lot different. Cooperation is working together, with an emphasis on submission to another’s will. A corporation is an entity made up of many people that acts as one and is legally recognized as an individual. Though the Church is made of many (soon all tribes and tongues) it is one, it is corporate. This corporation can not hold together though if it has no cooperation, just as a body cannot survive if its pieces decide that they don’t want to work together. When this happens, that body is sick. It is diseased. But, when the parts work together through submission then the whole is healthy. What’s more, no part of the body is greater than the next. That is why, though the CEO may be glorified, he is nothing without the rest of the corporation. If the brain tried to live without the rest of the body… that would be gross and it wouldn’t last long before something ate it. The same is true for the hand or the foot. But, with all parts working in conjunction, the whole body would be able to fight off the beast.

When we act as a corporation in cooperation, then we benefit as a whole and individuals. This is how God has intended us to be. And what’s more, this corporation legally recognizable as a single person will one day become the bride to the One who came to save. At that time, this corporation will then join up and make a conglomerate with the Holy and we will truly be fulfilled.