It’s hard not to wonder about the end times in scripture as we continue to see increasing natural disasters and phenomena. As one who studies and believes the bible it’s not hard to see a connection to the events of today. We see tsunamis, megaquakes, hurricanes merging with blizzards, nuclear meltdown and potential nuclear war, pollution that threatens our oceans, seasons that are too intense or not in their proper place, meteors, wars and genocide, collapsing global economies, relaxation of moral codes, and so forth. It’s the things which we look upon and fill us with bitterness.

We know that these things must happen and on increasing scale and frequency before the end comes. What we don’t know is whether these events are only the beginning, a hint of what’s to come, or if we are already a significant way into God’s closing plans. Scientist and scholars across the globe insist that if we do not change, we are poised to collapse as a total population. Yet we do not change. Christians across the world cry out, “make yourself aware, the glory of the Lord is coming!” yet, we continue on, absorbed in our own lives fortunate and unfortunate alike.

These men and women who speak out are not prophets. They are not predicting a future that has not already been laid out for us. What they are is a reminder. We who cannot hope to save ourselves must make haste to prepare for the Lord who is to come. When he comes, there will be three kinds of people that he finds.

The first are the ones who knew he was coming and prepared themselves so that they would be ready to go with him because his time was not announced.

The second are the ones who knew he was coming and did not prepare, thinking that he was still a long way off. When suddenly he is here, even though they knew he was on his way, they will not be able to go with him because they are not ready.

The third are the ones who did not know or did not hear of his coming. He will arrive and they will not be allowed to go with him because the aren’t even looking for him. When he arrives, they will know he has come, but they will not have had the chance to do anything and will not be able to come.

I do not claim to know the nature of a man’s heart nor do I claim to know when the Lord is to come. But, the signs are out and the trumpets are announcing that we must get ready. The bible says that just as in the days of Noah and the great flood, the world will continue without a care right up until it is time and the destruction comes. Then, only those who have made ready will be saved. I hope that is you and I intend it to be me or else there will be a mountain of bitterness to swallow. A mountain called Wormwood.